Bair Hugger Infection Lawsuits Expected to Sky Rocket

Many hip and knee surgery patients develop bacterial diseases of their implants, leading to debilitating re do operations, long term antibiotic use and in acute instances amputation because of overwhelming illness.

Now, a brand new source of surgical infections might be a likely perpetrator. 3M and their Arizant Healthcare subsidiary are exposed to product liability lawsuits and personal injury over knee and hip replacement infections caused by Bair Hugger warming blankets.

What is the Bair Hugger warming blanket?

The Bair Hugger has been utilized in many orthopedic joint replacement processes including hip and knee replacement surgery, over the past 30 years. The apparatus blows hot air on the patient’s body, the forced air heating (FAW) to help control the patient’s body temperature during surgery.

The Bair Hugger device was developed by Scott Augustine, an anesthesiologist over 20 years past. The forced air, he says, can disperse bacteria associated with hospital-acquired diseases.

How can the Bair Hugger warming blanket cause infections?

During surgical procedures that are long, the patient’s body temperature tends to fall, from lack of motion and the fact the operating room is kept cold.

A lower body temperature or hypothermia is a hazard for post operative diseases and hence the Bair Hugger warming blanket was introduced to keep the patient’s temperature stable during surgery.

Now, according to knee and hip replacement illness litigations, the device causes contaminants and bacteria from the operating room floor to enter the sterile surgical field.

Bair Hugger Widespread Surgical Use

Claims: 3M Knew of the Infection Risk

The complaints have similar allegations that 3M has known about the infection risk for a long time, yet did not make layout changes or provide warnings to doctors and hospitals.

Allegation: Makers lied to FDA

The criticisms have similar claims that 3M lied to the FDA about the unit’s effectiveness in trapping bacterial contaminants and filtering out.

Plaintiffs allege that 3M told the FDA the Bair Hugger matches the High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) standard, when it generally does not, causing hip and knee replacement patients to face a danger of serious illness during the procedure.

3M Bair Hugger Hip Disease Lawsuit

Libby alleges that the Bair Hugger caused bacteria contaminants in her surgical wound, causing severe illnesses and seven additional operations. Libby has been left with long-term injuries that were severe and decreased freedom.

3M Bair Hugger Knee Infection Lawsuit

When a Bair Hugger warming blanket was utilized, Michael Williams, asserted that he developed an infection following a right knee replacement operation in February 2013.

Put a short-term antibiotic spacer and Williams wanted two additional surgeries within less than nine months of the implant, the first to remove the artificial knee. Later, he got a second procedure to remove the spacer and put another knee implant.

Bair Hugger Infection Suits Expected to Sky Rocket

It is expected that the variety of suits will sky rocket as more patients understand more about the possible connection between their knee or hip replacement disease along with the Bair Hugger warming blanket.

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