FDA Lab 3407 - Photo by: The U.S. Food and Drug Aadministration - Source: Flickr Creative Commons

Invokana’s New FDA Warning

The first FDA warning on Invokana focused on the risk of ketoacidosis, a condition in which high blood acid levels can result in certain serious health circumstances, as stated by the FDA. FDA’s warning issued yesterday …

Ginger - Photo by: Tony Hisgett- Source: Flickr Creative Commons

All Natural Blood Thinners Save Lives

For those who are in danger for stroke or have high blood pressure, your physician may prescribe blood thinners. Xarelto, Plavix and coumadin have become household names, as are the conditions they fight — pulmonary …

NEC-Medical-137 - Photo by: NEC Corporation of America - Source: Flickr Creative Commons

Federal regulators playing fast and loose

Many newspapers complained about federal regulators since the largest agencies as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seemingly worked carelessly in the last few years. Since the health of millions of U.S. citizen is at stake, …